About the Podcast

Rule Out Podcast was created as part of a course called FLEX, a course that allows for self-directed scholarly activity. The podcast is a student doctor’s exploration of social issues in the medical arena. More recently, this podcast plans to focus on beneficial community initiatives. Problems in medicine are not only numerous, they are also complex. Fortunately, in medical school, when presented with a complicated patient scenario we are taught to use the rule in/rule out method. This approach asks us to take generate a list of all potential differential diagnoses to ensure we do not miss any. Once our list is generated, we carefully evaluate the evidence against a particular disease (rule out) while building the case to support others (rule in). A critical component in diagnosis is collecting a thorough history.

Rule Out Podcast was created with an emphasis on communication and history-taking, collecting narrative from experts while discussing solutions. The podcast hopes to utilize journalistic principles of balance, fairness and truth while blending the medical principles of honesty, diligence and compassion.

About the Logo

Logo_JPGThe logo is inspired after the epidemiological concept of R-nought (reproductive number). R-nought is useful in the study of infectious disease to represent the number of new cases an infectious case generates over a period of time in a susceptible population. In other words, how many other people does one person infect? My goal is that this podcast spreads like a benign but contagious infectious disease.

About the Author

12079106_10101506309066561_4080302110866997980_nJuan Valle Rivera is a senior medical student at the University of British Columbia. He is an MD candidate for the Class of 2019. Prior to medical school Juan studied Microbiology and Immunology at the University of British Columbia followed by Nursing at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. His spare time is spent with his wife and daughter.